Die Nacht, Der Ozean, Altes Haus

40 Pages each volume, 35 Color Plates each
Hardcover, 26 x 30,5 cm


Three books including work 2010-2013

(Texts in German)

Out of print


One of the Best!

“RVK has to be one of the best contemporary figurative painters. He may not appear in those Taschen or Phaidon collections of "relevant" contemporary painting, and the quality of his work does not need to be validated by those market-driven books. If you like painting, if you like how images are put together, if you enjoy illustration, weird narratives, this guy is it. No need to look any further.

Oh, and the book is beautiful too. Big reproductions, details, everything a painter wants to see in another painter's book.

Just buy it.”


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