On the Wall


JAN 19. 2022 – MAR 19. 2022


Via Monte di Pietà 23, 20121 Milano
T +39 02 89094995

Opening: Jan 19, 2022


BUILDING presents On the Wall, exhibition curated by Demetrio Paparoni.


Boasting more than forty pieces by six contemporary artists who use figurative painting in profoundly different ways, the show has been designed for the four floors of BUILDING. The paintings, produced for this exhibition or never exhibited before in Italy, are mostly large format. The title of the exhibition opens up to different meanings. While on the one hand it conveys the idea of an exhibition of paintings, on the other it recalls the concept of the wall as an element of division between two adjacent spaces, or a limit to overcome. Drawing on the Renaissance concept of the painting as a window on the world, the curator views these works as a poetic detonator capable of opening portals to the outside world, as well as to an intimate or virtual dimension. Whether gateway or escape route, what enables us to cross it is the ability to relate to the meaning embodied by the work.

Exhibiting Artists

Paola Angelini, Rafael Megall, Justin Mortimer, Nicola Samorì, Vibeke Slyngstad and Ruprecht von Kaufmann.